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Volume 6, Issue 1, January-March, 2017

01. Pharmacogonostic and Phytochemical screening of Ethanolic Extract of Cyathula prostrata Leaves
Abhilash KB*, Afeefa KA, Afsiya Abdul Hameed, Anagha PK, Archa P and Anusha Ajayakumar
02. Determination of Release Kinetics of Oxaprozin (A Model Drug) From Oral Fast Dissolving Films Prepared Using HPMC and CMC
Mohammed Omer*, Irshad Ahmed and Shashidhar Purra
03. Epidemological Study for Utilisation of Different Antibiotics in Different Genders
R. Kasi Rao, Konda. Ravi Kumar, M. N Naveena, B. Nagamani* and SK. Khyrun Baji

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