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Medication Error: A Study
MS. Shamna and S. Deepu

Amla (Emblica officinalis) - Medicinal Food and Pharmacological Activity
Virendra Yadav, Brijesh Duvey, Shobha Sharma* and Babli Devi

Evaluation of the Anti-Ulcer Activity of Ethanolic Extract of Azadirachta indica Flower
Kabitha KK* and Karunakar Hegde

A Review on Trouble Shooting In HPLC and its Solutions
A. Sailaja, Somasubra Ghosh*, Thumma Praveen Kumar Reddy, PN. Deepthi and David Banji

Controlled Drug Delivery System
S. Deepu*, Molly Mathew and MS. Shamna

Evaluation of the Anti-diabetic Activity of Ethanolic Extract of Citrus maxima Stem Bark
Abdul Muneer MT*, Ashok Shenoy, Karunakar Hegde, Sayed Aamer and AR. Shabaraya

Downs Syndrome: A Case Report
Vela Desai and Prerna Pratik*

Synthesis of New Andrographolide Derivatives and Their Cytotoxic Activity
Virohit Patil, Narendra Sing Chauhan, RP. Venkat, Ajith Singhai and Ravindra Patil*

Formulation, Development and Evaluation of Amlodipine Besylate orally Disintegrating Tablet Using Soy Polysaccharide as Novel Superdisintegrants
Sachin Gunjal, Kishor Salunkhe, Sandip Baviskar*, Snehal Patil and Ritesh Karmarkar

Extended Spectrum ?-Lactamase Producing Klebsiella pneumoniae Infections
V. Sangamithra, S. Balamuruganvelu, B. Geethavani  and R. Sumathi*

Characterization and In-vitro Evaluation of Drug Implants
Chaus WN*, Birendra Shrivastava, Rao KP, Jadge DR and Satpute KL

Oleanolic acid Derivatives and their Cytotoxic Activity
Vimal Singh Chauhan and Swaroop P

Combination Therapy in Diabetes: Review
Richa Joshi * and Sayantan Mukhopadhyay

Reverse Phase High Performance Liquid Chromatographic Determination of Flunarazine in Tablet Dosage Form
MS. Palled*, Prachi Naik and AR. Bhat

Affect of Aqueous Film Coating Formulations on Ascorbic Acid Tablets under Specified Process Parameters
MD. Abul Haider Shipar*, Ashish Wadhwa and Cherian Varughese

Herbal Plants - A Boon for Ulcer Disease
Bipendra Singh Parihar*, Preeti Chaudhary, Ravinder Kumar Mehra and Shamim Ahmad

Am1 and Mass Spectrometry Study of the Fragmentation of 4-aminoantipyrine Schiff Base Ligand
Pingili Kavitha, Bojja Rajeshwar Rao and Vadde Ravinder*

Investigation of Anti-Ulcer Activity of Alcoholic Extract of Bark of Albizia lebbeck on Pyloric Ligated Rodent Model
R. Naga Kishore*, T. Mangilal, N. Anjaneyulu, G. Abhinayani and N. Sravya

Antiulcer and Antioxidant Activity of Leaves of Andrographys paniculata
Ravindra Patil*, Vimal Singh Chauhan and RP. Venkat

Investigation of Formulation Variables Affecting the Properties of Lamotrigine Nanosuspension Prepared by Using High Pressure Homogenizer Using Factorial Design
Kirti H. Jahagirdar* and Kiran Bhise

Influence of Ionic Strength of Medium on the Thermodynamic Parameters of Substituted Heterocyclic Drug with Cu (II), Zn (II) complexes
RM. Patil and AN. Sonar

Standardization and Evalution of Marketed Satreetha Shampoo of Denajee
Yogendr M Bahuguna*, Ritesh Verma, Neeraj Kumar and Kailash Rawat

Development and Validation of New Spectrophotometric Method for the Estimation of Zidovudine in Bulk and Pharmaceutical Dosage Form
Divya K*, Pushpa Latha E and Rekha Rani K

Enhanced Solubility and Dissolution Rate of Lamotrigine Hcl by Inclusion Complexation, Solid Dispersion Technique and Optimization of Formulation Parameters Using Factorial Design and Desirability Function
Kirti H Jahagirdar* and Kiran S Bhise

Isolation, Characterization and Cytotoxic activity of Diterpenoid and Flavonoids of Aerva lanata
Vimal Singh Chauhan* and Swapna M

Synthesis, Characterization and Biological Activity of Azetidin-2-one based Benzoyl Pyrazoline Derivatives
Shailesh H Shah*, Vijay R Patel, Pankaj S Patel and Niraj Shah

Review Article on Floating Drug Delivery System
Manju Maria Mathew*, John Joseph and Teena Mohan

Periodontitis–Disease and Treatment – A Review
Manju Maria Mathew*, John Joseph and Vineetha VC

Scurvy Rare, But Cases Still Popping Up: A Case Report
Vela Desai and Prerna Pratik

Visible Spectrophotometric Method for Determination of Ciclopirox Using Coupling Reagent
Trevor Sequeira*, Padmavathi P Prabhu, EVS Subrahmanyam and Sarvesh Parsekar

Stress Degradation Studies on Cetirizine Dihydrochloride and Development of Degradation Pathways
Pushpinder Kaur, Gulshan Bansal and Saranjit Singh

Volume 3, Issue 3, July-September 2014